Wednesday, 2 February 2011

January Favourites

Urban Decay's Naked palette, ELF stipple brush, 17 Wild Curls mascara, L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, ELF cream eyeliner, ELF essentials primer, ELF cover up and colour stick, Clarins' True Radiance foundation!

Urban Decay's Naked palette... I've used this just about every day now since I got it when it first came out (in November?) and I love it. It's simple, it's easy to choose a combination that works and the shadows are beautifully soft and pigmented. 

Clarins True Radiance foundation- perfect for evening out the complexion and brightening with it's dewy finish and gold coloured micro-particles this is a perfectly easy to wear, easy to blend foundation. It doesn't dry the dry parts of my face out and stops me looking shiny with it's oil free finish.

Both 17 Wild Curls and L'Oreal Telescopic have been favourites for a while now, either alone or layered... wild curls is great for volume and telescopic is fab for length. Together they're amaaazing.

L-R ELF cover up stick in apricot beige and color (bleurgh, COLOUR) stick in spotlight. ELF's cover up stick has become a firm favourite over the past couple of months, as my Clarins foundation is relatively light coverage and I'm prone to blemishes and redness this is great for splodging on underneath. I also use it on it's own. It's so easy to use and at £1.50 it's probably one of the best value-for-money things that I own. The colour stick makes a great highlighter, blends easily and looks perfect without any fuss. 

Once again ELF's eyelid primer, use this under every eyeshadow and it does just as well as UDPP in my opinion! Keeps shadows crease free and in place allll day long.

It's taken me a while to make my mind up about the ELF stipple brush. I'm not really sure that it's firm enough to use for application of foundation, but that's not something I've explored much.. however it's great for blushes- especially cream- and for stippling over my make up after using a setting spray of some description. Better than a certain Sigma F15 that I had to send back due to epic shedding! 

The cream eyeliner I've been using just about everyday. Not much more I can say about this! Full review here

If you're interested in finding out more about any of these let me know and I'll try and do a more detailed post on it :)

What are your current essentials?



Gemx said...

I'm not sure when the Naked palette will stop being my favourite thing! :)

Christina Marie said...

I really wish i'd of been able to get the UD palette before it became to so overpriced! x

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Fantasic palette, lots of lovely colours. x

Jen4 said...

I keep looking at the Naked palette and keep having to talk myself out of buying it, although every time I see it it looks nicer than the last time! xx

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