Sunday, 7 November 2010

ELF cream eyeliner

ELF hold some strange power over me, there's very rarely a time that I don't want anything from their website. It's affordable, it's generally good quality and therefore.. almost guilt free ;)

Recently they brought out some new colours in their cream eyeliner range and I was excited to try the copper colour. ELF recently updated their cream liners so that they include a little brush with the pot, I'm not keen on it, and would not recommend, it's quite scratchy for a product that's so soft, and my delicate little eyes did not appreciate it! It's also pretty hard to get a good line with and I found I was much better off using a flat eyeshadow brush to apply as I had some problems using an ordinary liner brush due to the product being a little on the drier side.

At first glance the copper colour looks like quite an ordinary brown, but when on there's a subtle glow to it and another dimension of colour that means it qualifies for it's name. I apply it for a soft look, and it lends itself to this really well, no harsh lines here! Once on there's absolutely no smudging or slip-sliding around, it stays exactly where you put it until you take it off with your cleanser/make up remover. Even when my eyes are running in the cold this won't smudge or rub off.

Overall, a total bargain for £3.50 and available in a variety of colours.. from ELF


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