Thursday, 4 November 2010

NOTD... guess what?! Dots.

Yes, I'm stuck in a nail dotting rut. I like it, they make me smile and they're easy ;)

ELF's white, Barry M's pure turquoise and Rimmel's (lasting finish I think!) black cherries.

Had a bit of a smudging issue with top coat.. Oops!

I finally got hold of my Accessorize nail polish (it's been a right hassle!) so that should be up soooon!



Laura said...

Absolutely love this colour combination. I never would have thought of it myself but it looks great!

Kim said...

Oo lovely! Is the e.l.f. white polish good? I'm desperate to find a decent one xx

Rachel said...

Laura- Thanks! It was a bit of a random dip into the polish box to be honest, but it works well!

Kim- The ELF polish isn't bad, however it's the same consistency as their other polishes, so it needs think coats and has a tendency to be a little watery, but it's opaque and very white, no shimmer or anything. I really like it :)


EilidhPie said...

There is something about polka dots that puts a smile on ones face! Loving the nails! xxx

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