Monday, 14 June 2010

Fergie's Outspoken perfume review

I'm not really much of a perfume girl, when I find one I like, I stick with it and it's only if I reaally like one that I'll buy it... And even then I normally put it on a birthday/christmas list if it's over £20 ;) It's just not something I can really get excited about! Not like a new top, or new make up, you spritz it once and that's it, you can't even smell it after half an hour or so!

I got a decent sized sample- enough to wear for a few days- from Avon of Fergie's new perfume, and it was commented on a number of times by friends. Despite being keen on it and actually deciding that I'd buy it it wasn't until Avon sent an email through offering a free body lotion and body spray with the perfume and my bargain alarm bells started ringing that I actually got on and ordered it! 

The perfume (plus free lotion and spray) cost me £14, it's a relatively generous 50ml bottle size and the body lotion contains a huge 150ml of product! 

The blurby bit on the Avon site says: "Say it like you mean it with this bold blend of iced berries, feminine absolute and daring black leather. Floral, fruity." It's definitely a heavier scent, and I'm not going to try and describe it, but I really like it!

The packaging's pretty too, especially the black glossy detailing around the main design.
Can't predict whether I'll be repurchasing, but I'd definitely recommend this if you're into slightly heavier, sweeter scents.

Available from Avon for £14, including a free Body lotion and spray!

Are you a perfume girl? Favourite perfume of the moment?

Rachel xx


Gem said...

thats cute :D i love harajuku lovers 'G' it smells soooo good :D xx

Leshia said...

My all time favourite is Angel by Thierry Mugler, it's expensive but amazing and lasts for ages! :)

Louisa said...

Outspoken is my favourite perfume of the moment! Although I darednt wear it everyday.
I generally wear the body shops dewberry perfume oil everyday

Colette said...

Ooh sounds good.
I really need new perfume, I have about three that I rotate, but none are that me.

I smell shopping!

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