I can be contacted by email at Queenofturquoise@gmail.com or via twitter @Turquoise_Queen


Most of the products on my blog have been bought by me or friends/family members, from time to time I receive products to review, however all of my posts are totally honest regardless of whether they've been bought by me or sent to me for review.

I am not affiliated with any company.

Blog posts are written from my own experience, and are that, and only that. They are not intended to be taken as advice so please don't come running to me if you experience some kind of make up related meltdown ;) 

All pictures have been taken by me unless otherwise stated in the post. If I've used a photo of yours and I've not credited you for it (sorry!) then please do email and I'll sort it! Likewise, if I've used a picture of yours and you'd like me to remove it then again please do get in touch. 

My backgrounds and headers etc. have been obtained legally, and for free from:

Shabby blogs
Cute 'n' cool blog

All material on this blog, unless otherwise stated, is my own. My blog posts must not be reproduced, republicated, or duplicated unless expressly permitted by me via email. I'm normally very agreeable as long as you're happy to link back to me!
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