Sunday, 13 June 2010

My new car.. A sneaky peak into my world outside make up and beauty blogging!

I was really surprised to see on my poll that the majority of votes for your favourite posts/what you wanted to see more of were general ramblings about my life.. It's an area of the blogging world I'm relatively unsure about, make up, cosmetics and generally girlie superficial things seem like my "safe" are and outside of that is a little scary ;) There seems like so much more scope to ramble uncontrollably (which I do, a lot, most of the time!) and that I try to avoid doing on here too often!

So I thought I'd bore you with some pictures and general squealie excitement about my first ever car...

It's a littlebig car, as it's a Ford Focus (small) estate (somewhat larger) with a mahooosive boot! 

I've not actually learnt to drive yet, but as I'm learning automatic and all the cars in my family are manual, I needed something to practice in and to drive after I've passed my test, it's taken a while to find a car that had everything I needed but now that I have I'm totally in love! Really enjoying going out and scaring a parent down our little country lanes! 

I am currently toying with ways to make my car look a little prettier without going over the top- which in my opinion includes pink steering wheel and seat covers, floor mats... you know what I mean....

Image credit: Google images... EVEN THE PEDALS ARE PINK!

Image credit: Google Images

Despite liking make up and nail polishes etc. I'm generally not a pink girl! And if my car ever starts to resemble anything like the above, take it away from me! 

At the moment I've only got as far as pick and mix sweets air fresheners in my quest for a pretty car...! I'm genuinely considering some little vinyl stickers of some description (stars or spots possibly?!) and trying to work out if I can manage to put them on my car in an attractive yet subtle way...

What do you think? Possible or not? And are you a pink girlie girl in the kind of way that extends to your car?

Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

Rachel xx


jaljen said...

I'm on my squillionth car. Seeing as how I'm old. I don't get as excited about cars as once I did but they are great!
My white Polo Blue-Motion is what I need for the low mileage I do. It isn't customised in any way. I've only ever modified steering wheels. Little sports wheels are nice, When I had a lot of Minis. The originals not the brutish, thuggish things BMW now produce. Girlie? Not a chance.
A car should keep its dignity (if it has any). Automatics are great. Drove one in Canada. So easy! Proper transmission lets you do the boy-racer bit though when you've a mind.
Don't mess with a Focus. It's just not that kind of car.

lozzzy said...

Yay for getting a car! Can I ask who you've got your insurance with? I'm learning in an automatic too and have seen an 03 plate car but the cheapest quote I can get is £3100 :o crazy!

Rachel said...

Hey Laura, I'm insured with Diva (who're part of Swinton) and my car's an 03 plate too, cost me £1200 fully comp. xx

Louisa said...

I think spots or something round your wheel arches would be quite cool and a bit more demure than some of those cars. lol.
Just out of interest, how come your learning in an automatic?

Rachel said...

I'm learning in an auto as my legs don't work very well, they're quite weak and generally rubbishy! x

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