Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mysterious black bottles from elf.

I've declared my love for elf, budget makeup company, many times now so I'll spare you my thoughts on the company themselves!

These two black bottles are from the elf studio line and contain daily brush cleaner and makeup mist and set, which both retail at £3.50 each.

The daily brush cleaner was bought on a bit of a whim, I'd always seen it as a waste of time.. Why do I need a spray when cleaning my brushes quickly in the sink works just as well?! Turns out convenience is the answer, I can have a brush daisy fresh and ready to use again in under a minute with this, no waiting around all day for brushes to dry! It smells nice too and is in a really generously sized bottle- 250ml. You spritz it onto your brush and use a towel to remove any old makeup left on there, before letting it dry for a few seconds. Definitely something I'd recommend for lazy-girl brush cleaning in the mornings!

Please excuse smeared bottle...!
Makeup mist and set is also a spray bottle but this one houses setting spray for perfect makeup all day with a dewy glow. The only thing that I feel could be improved with this is the spray could be a little finer, it works just fine as it is but sometimes I get a couple of bigger drops on my face which feels a little odd. I definitely see an improvement in the longevity of my makeup when using this, plus it leaves a fresh glow about you and makes sure there aren't any sneaky cakey patches of makeup in sight! The 60ml bottle lasts me a couple of months when used most days.

Have you tried sprays from the studio line? Want to?



SweetLikeJelly said...

that setting spray sounds fab

Gemx said...

I love the setting spray although I hate spraying it on my face, it really makes my jump every time! :)
The brush cleaner sounds great too x

sweetest_potato said...

I love the daily brush cleaner! I like their brush shampoo too. I haven't tried the setting spray yet, but it will probably find its way into my basket the next time I do an elf order!!


Daisy said...

Oh Rach, fab! Was looking for a brush cleanser that was not something insanely priced, you've just saved me from shedding a lot of money. Thank you :)

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Wow, I really need a new brush cleanser and the mac one is being shunned for this little darling now!
izzy x

Miss Bekka said...

I've used the setting spray, and I absolutely love it. Nice, cheap, and also does a great job of turning shadows into liners. I haven't checked out the daily brush cleaner though... it's next on my list :)

Agmini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Agmini said...

Does the brush spray have alcohol in it?

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