Thursday, 24 March 2011

Neal's Yard Remedies... Chamomile Cleanser

I love it when a product surprises you and your opinion changes from one end of the spectrum to the other...

Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser was one of those. I received it as a gift for Christmas and eagerly used it for the first few days, waiting to get used to it and love it. It didn't happen. I didn't like the scent, the lack of "slip" when I massaged it into my face made me want to throw the pot, and it wasn't doing anything for my skin. Eventually I stopped using it and it was only after a break of a few weeks that I went running back to it with my arms wide open (think slow-motion romantic end of film) realising that I did in fact love it.

I've used it just about every day since then and it's wonderful. I recently found out from the website (a little video in the bottom corner of the page..) that you can use it with water rather than massaging it onto dry skin which makes a big difference to how much I need to use and how easily it moves over my face (this is totally missed out from the- reassuringly heavy- jar). The key for me is that once it looks like it's gone from my face, it really has gone; it's not possible to rub it in any further, as that just results in non-slip frustration.

I use it with a muslin cloth to remove it which makes sure my face gets a little exfoliation too and leaving it on for a few minutes results in baby soft skin. I still think that it's not the best for helping to clear congested skin, you'll need something extra too, but aside from that it removes make up perfectly, leaves my skin soft and smooth, the scent has definitely grown on me to the point where I really like it, and it's become a real favourite.

Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser costs £11.75 for 50g and is available from their website.

Have you tried anything from Neal's Yard?


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Stefany said...

I love Neal's Yard products, that cleanser sounds lovely x

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