Saturday, 26 March 2011

Dear girls, Re: bronzer

I need help.

Summer is round the corner, the fake tan will be coming out very soon, and I'm in need of bronzer. I'm also in need of lessons on how to use it properly.... It's been many years since I went near the stuff, and when I did, it was muddy, glittery mess from the front of a magazine. Up until I started getting into the blogging world I had no idea that someone as pale as me could use bronzer without looking like a total fool, and looking like a total fool is obviously what I'm wanting to avoid. No more oompa-loompa look here thank you!

At the moment I'm leaning towards a bronzer from the Accessorize range, or the Bourjois chocolate one. Links to reviews would be great, and links to tips on using bronzer would also be a huge help too!


Bronzer Noob



SweetLikeJelly said...

I'll be checking back for any tips you get because bronzer is something I have also yet to master!

Jinz said...

I may not be of any help since I'm not a pale girl (NC45 by MAC's shade scheme) but maybe you can try one of those Mineralised Skin finish naturals in a shade darker than your skin tone to warm it up a bit. I usually used a peach/corally blush as bronzer because it gives my skin that bronzey/glowly look


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty pale and I really get on with Hoola by Benefit, as it's a matte finish and can go on really lightly if you want it to. I tend to apply it fairly strongly under my cheekbones with a contouring brush, then sweep it up towards my temples and down my jawline lightly with a soft kabuki, and build it as necessary. If you want a bit of shimmer rather than a matte finish for your cheekbones, the Laura Mercier shimmer blocs are to die for xx

JadeyLou said...

I use the Bourjois one in 51 (the lightest) and Accessorize in Monaco I think, I'm crazy pale and luckily both of these are pretty hard to overdo. I only really started using bronzer this year and it does make me look perky!

Rachel said...

Thank you all! Really helpful to hear what you use/how you apply :)


britishbeautyblogger said...

I think Bronzer is really tricky to use as well. In fact, usually I go for a very light coat self tan (Vita Liberata Silken Chocolate) on my face and then a peachy blush which ends up looking really summery and natural. I don't *get* bronzer really - can't see the point when there are some amazing self tans that do the whole face and not just parts lol XX

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