Saturday, 24 July 2010

Lily Lolo Blondie foundation review..

For the last year or so I've been using Everyday Minerals (a US company) for Bismuth free mineral concealer and foundation. Whilst I love the different finishes they offer and the decent amount of shades that they offer the fact that an order takes about 2 weeks to get here puts me off. Plus, last time I worked out how much it costs by the time it's got here (£12 for 5.5g) it wasn't really the total bargain I thought it was (although still very good value, it lasts me around 6 months!) and I'd put off buying it...

So having put off buying it, yesterday I discovered that I had totally (and I mean totally) run out of my foundation.. DISASTER! I had a look for some high street mineral foundation but I wasn't happy with the ingredients in them (I've never used mineral make up with Bismuth in, and I don't want to risk a reaction!) and the fact that they were quite expensive given the limited range of shades and being unsure of their quality.

I quickly tapped "mineral foundation" into Google and up popped Lily Lolo. I'd heard of them before but assumed they were quite expensive. Wrong. 10 grams of product cost me just £14 including shipping, which makes them about half the price of Everyday Minerals! I expect it to last me around a year, maybe a bit less, which makes them a huuuge bargain!

Not only that but having ordered around midday yesterday I wasn't expecting to get it until Monday and was surprised to see a package from Lily Lolo this morning, less than 24 hours after ordering! That was with their £1.99 standard shipping option, so I'm well impressed!

I ordered "Blondie" which is the second lightest shade that they make. As I find it really hard to get anything that matches my skintone and gives me the coverage I want (medium, and if I do actually find a shade that matches my skintone, I can't build it up for the coverage without it being too dark) I've discovered that I'm just as happy to get a very fair concealer to use underneath my foundation to give better coverage, and then I can use foundation sparingly over the top of the concealer... This also means that I can use the same shade all year round (in the summer when I'm fake tanning I use the foundation alone as I can layer it up for the coverage without looking orange as the rest of me's a little darker) which is really useful.

The packaging is gorgeous, really girly and expensive looking, the plastic is frosted and it looks like glass but without the obvious travel problems associated with it, whilst at the same time avoiding that hideous cloudy look that happens to clear plastic when it has powder in it which I think makes it look grotty. Even the label on the bottom looks lovely!

Unfortunately this packaging lacks the handy swivel over plastic cover that Everyday Minerals use which means that travelling with it could be slightly messy... But I actually don't expect it to be. The sifter holes seem to be just the right size. Even if I tip this up and down and hit the bottom of it I don't get a whole load of product! It gives me a really decent amount and I think it would take a lot of jiggling for it to get messy. That might change as the amount of powder in it lessens and there's more space for it to move around, but I can always tape it up.

Overall, really really happy with this purchase, and looking forward to trying out more of Lily Lolo's products (wish I'd bought some samples now, but I was so desperate to get this ordered!) over the next few months!

Have you tried any of Lily Lolo's makeup? What did you think?

Rach xx


BittersweetKindaNew said...

I've been purchasing loads of samples from the site! I use Bare Minerals which I love, but the flawless silk finishing powder is fab from Lily Lolo - I also love the anti-redness cover up they do.

Overall the price is great and the products are really good. I have found that it doesn't stay put as long as my Bare Minerals though!

L x (sorry for the essay ;) )

Rachel said...

Ooh, that's on my list, the finishing powder that is. As I use primer and/or a toner as a setting spray I'm not *too* worried about it staying put.. Thanks for the comment :) xx

Leshia said...

I use their Flawless Matte Finishing Powder which is awesome. I wish you got more in the tub, but you don't need much and it covers wonderfully.

Oh and it doesn't seem to matter how little product is in the tub, it never gets messier, so you don't have to worry about that in my experience!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tired anything from the range but sounds good :) xx

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Hey, Lily Lolo is great!! Much cheaper than a lot of the mineral makeup out there and give a lovely finish. The only downside is that it doesn't last all day.

But hey, I can always touch up my makeup!!
I did a review on the products I used here if you fancied having a nosey!!


Make-up Addict said...

I love it :) I've got in Blondie also and think it's the perfect shade, gives me a bit of colour without looking tangoed.
You should check out their brushes - I got the kabuki and blusher brush...they're gorgeous :) xx

Novalinnhe said...

I lovelovelove Lily Lolo with a passion I can't fully justify, but they just don't do foundation dark enough for me.


Anonymous said...

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- David

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