Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hair cuts.. Scary business!

Yesterday I had my hair cut.. Possibly one of the longest hair cuts ever as I only had an inch off and decided I'd go for a little bit more of an asymetric sweepy side fringe. Hairdresser obliged, only she started a little high, and my curly hair decided it didn't like that and just sprung up.. despite being straightened ;) It just wouldn't sit right... Que sitting there looking like an idiot ;)

She had to do some extra cutting, while I sat there freaking out inside and this is the result...

I'm personally a little unsure about it.. It's not a proper fringe (which is great, I didn't want a proper fringe!) but it doesn't really fit the original idea either.. and there are bits of it that need to grow out before they look better in my opinion! Getting used to it now though.. after a freak out yesterday ;)

These pictures are rubbish for seeing my eye makeup, but I used my Sleek Safari palette (which I FINALLY got, and love!) and am really pleased with the selection of colours, their blendability and versatility. 

I'm interested in your honest (but not too blunt please ;) it's not like there's anything I can do about it aside from wearing a paper bag over my head..!) opinions about the new.. half fringe.. ;)

Rach xx


Anne-Louise said...

I like it :) But I know what you mean about it being short... I always freak out if it starts above my eyebrow (for some strange reason) but it's surprising how fast fringes grow :) I think it'll definitely settle!!!! But I think it really suits you :) x

Leshia said...

The fringe will grow quicker than you realise, don't worry, mine always does!

I like it though, even if it had been a proper fringe I think it would have suited you!

jaljen said...

Hate to say this but it looks like the butcher's been at it. I usually love asymmetric but not so much for hair.

Could't you have had a full fringe but really wispy?

Rachel said...

@ Anne Louise, thanks lovely :) I know, it's definitely too short but my hair grows insanely fast! x

@ Leshia, I'm sure it will, I never particularly like my hair when it's just been cut anyway, it all needs time to settle down! x

@JalJen.. Nope, no full fringe! I personally think my face is too small for it, plus I imagine it would've irritated the heck out of me! I have really thick hair so I'm not sure wispy would've worked particularly well :)

Anonymous said...

Fringes grow quick, so even if you decide you don't like it it will be gone before you know it!
I had a full fringe in about three months ago, it's currently undistinguishable (loooong possibly made-up word) from the rest of my hair.

Caz said...

It looks lovely and i'm sure it will look better once your fringe has grown a little bit :)
I've tagged you on my blog :)


Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

don't worry about fringes they grow super fast! and i really like the cut! suits you :) x

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