Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I am...

A while ago now I had a poll up on my blog about what you'd like to see more of, surprisingly "life" posts came top, I do very few of these as to be honest, I really don't think my life is exciting enough to share with you, but your wish is my command, if you like it, leave a comment, and I'll see if I can magic up some more exciting things to share with you!

I am...

... (still!) learning to drive, I originally started almost 2 years ago now and learnt in a manual for a few months before it got too much for me and my silly legs. It was almost a year until I started again, and now I've been learning since May, with a couple of few-week-breaks where life has got in the way and I've not been able to have lessons.

At the moment, because of where I live and my inability to use buses even if there were any... I'm reliant on the parents to get me OUT and my beauty perusing is limited. I am very much looking forward to being free to spend as long as I want in Boots although I very much doubt my bank account will thank me for it! I'm also looking forward to being able to start in some kind of volunteer role in the big wide world, as I've been out of it for some time now, all kinds of normality is welcome here!

... Eating Milkybar buttons (I'm only allowed white chocolate due to being caffeine-free right now on doctors orders!) which I'm loving, with Cadbury white chocolate buttons as a treat- they're far more calorific but creamier! 

... Making flapjack with too much Golden syrup.. Eek! I've discovered that the cold corner cupboard is the perfect place for it to live, it's made the flapjack squares more solid, which can only be a good thing, they were falling apart everywhere before!

... Hoping that my goodies from CSN stores arrive today, I've got some pretty cool things to come, and I'm looking forward to using those and showing you the results!

... Enjoying the colder weather, I have gorgeous Sugar boots that I bought last year and they're just perfect, so much more elegant Uggs! (though probably not as warm.. I'm on a as-warm-as-my-slippers hunt at the moment!) people actually come up to compliment me on them! Snuggly scarves- though not loving the little fibres they leave all over me!

... Loving being inside, warm and cosy, while it pours with rain outside!

... Looking for a liquid foundation, I'm going to try out Dream Satin Liquid for colour when I next go to Boots, see if that's any good for uber pale me.

... Looking forward to sharing my (likely-failed) first attempt at nail marbling with you!

... Desperately in need of a hair cut. Which requires a hair dresser... Mine moved away (she was on the verge of being dropped by me anyway) and I now have to find a new one, such a scary task!

Rach x

P.s... All images are sourced from Weheartit.com or google images, all sources are credited below the pictures. 


Abbey said...

I love these pictures! The ring in the first one is lovely.


Leanne said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! Off to the post office now, by the way :) x

ipehishere said...

lovely post =)
we have 2 common, i loving being inside my bedroom, while raining outside xD and i still learning how to drive, i think i can drive but no one trust me that i can drive lol :D

Rachel said...

Abbey- the ring is gorgeous isn't it!

Leanne- Thanks lovely, and thank you SO much for the amazing goodies! So kind of you! x

Ipehishere- Thanks :) people are rubbish at being trusting when you're driving aren't they?! ;)


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