Monday, 31 January 2011

Skincare routine: Cleansing

After I ran out of my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish a couple of months ago I decided I'd not go back for it straight away, simply because I get bored easily and fancied playing about with some other cleansers for a bit.

I received the Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser (I plan to do a proper review of this very soon.) as a gift for Christmas and got on with it relatively well, it's taken some getting used to as it doesn't massage into the skin as easily as some cleansers but it does leave my skin soft and smooth. I don't think it's the best at deep cleansing though so I was needing something more suited to that to add to my routine.

So with my £5 off No7 voucher in hand I went in search for the No7 Radiance Boosting hot cloth cleanser. I've only been using it for a few days but I'm really liking it, after use my face feels clean and soft without any hint of tightness. It is missing the scent of the Liz Earle one- the No7 one smells more.. soapy? and it's not quite as luxurious feeling, but then it's normally £9 for 200ml instead of £11 for 100ml, and with a voucher a bargainous £4 for 200ml!

Soap and Glory's Greatest Scrub of All is my current exfoliator and has been for a while. It's the perfect amount of scrubbiness but I just don't feel it's working for me anymore, so any suggestions are most welcome!

I'm using deep cleansing sponges as well as a muslin cloth to remove my cleansers at the moment, I find it's quicker and easier and something I can see myself sticking with. They seem to do their deep cleansing job well whilst still being really gentle too, they're from the Botanics range and they were around £3 for two.

The Body Shop's facial brush is another favourite accessory, it's great for transforming a normal cleanse to a really thorough exfoliation, it is something that's likely to make you break out at first though, as everything gets settled down and your skin gets a really good deep cleanse, so not one to start using right before a big event!

The rest of my skincare routine will be coming up soon!

What are you using for cleansing at the moment?



Charli said...

Will definatly try the sponges and brush! Never tried the Liz Earl range before but tempted to give the No7 one a go...spesh with those vouchers :)

Gemx said...

I was wondering whether to splash out on liz earle, but if the no7 one if nice, and I have vouchers, I might give that a try first :)
I used to use S&G the greatest scrub, but my boots stopped stocking it so I started getting S&G scrub your nose in it. I prefer it, it smells and feels really fresh and is slightly more scrubby than the greatest scrub of all. xx

G A B Y said...

I'm really interested in getting a face brush, it seems to do wonders!

Rachel said...

Charli- Would definitely recommend the No7 cleanser!

Gemx- Thanks for that, will have a look at scrub your nose in it!

Gaby- the face brush does make a big difference. Mine was £3.50 from The Body Shop but I've seen a bigger one by Botanics in Boots that I want to get my hands on!


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