Sunday, 6 February 2011

ELF's lovely lippies!

L-R- Classy, Gypsy, Seductive

Last year ELF launched their essential (£1.50) line's lipsticks. Within the day there were shades sold out and after a little research (elf's swatches rarely reflect the true colours in my experience) I decided on Classy or Seductive. Typically these were both out of stock and so I ended up with Gypsy first. A deep pink this is reserved for more dramatic looks for me personally but a lovely colour all the same. Classy is a lighter lilac-y pink and Seductive more coral based. 

L-R- As above- Classy, Gypsy, Seductive
Packaging-wise these are sturdily made and survive the battle inside my bag with ease. A silver tube with a transparent band in the middle makes them easily identifiable in amongst a drawer and saves having to rely on the teeny font on the end.

Top to bottom- Classy, Gypsy, Seductive
All three are creamy, pigmented and non-drying, my only niggle being the relatively strong fruity scent that comes with the colour, the only giveaway to their bargain price. I can't decide if this is any better than the wax-crayon-esque cheap lipstick smell but the taste is certainly better. Lasting power is average, but better than the similarly priced MUA lipsticks.

Overall a total steal, perfect for experimentation and everyday wear! Available from ELF at £1.50 each.

Have you tried the ELF essential lipsticks?



Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Some lovely shades there, I really like the pinky middle shade you swatched. Where do you buy ELF from? x

Merel said...

Nice review, love the gypsy one!

Christina Marie said...

ELF are so great for cheap prices but good quality products. Loving the look of 'Classy' x

Rachel said...

Nicole- If you're in the UK then their site is :)

Merel- it is a lovely colour!

Christina- I love ELF, they really are great for quality but such low prices!


Audrey said...

i really all 3 shades, but i'm more drawn towards seductive. i think it's because i'm ready for spring to come :D

Vijaya said...

I've had a few bad experiences with elf, so I stopped buying. I've been thinking about trying a few things again, though.

StealMyHeartLovee said...

Great review and swatches! :)

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