Sunday, 9 January 2011

Review: Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser...

... Superfruit extracts Grape and Pomegranate.

Good Things is a brand designed specifically for young skin, free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS and animal ingredients. The pricing's really reasonable and the packaging's attractive without looking like it's been designed for an 8 year old as some younger skin brands have a tendency to be.

I had high hopes for this cleanser having read wonderful things about the face mask and night cream but it's been a minor disappointment really. Having said that, one of the main things I dislike is the sickly sweet smell that for me really doesn't conjure up fresh-face thoughts, more mega amounts of sweets and sticky small people, but of course scent is definitely one of those things in which people's taste can vary hugely!

Good Things say:

"Regular Cleansing is the first step towards fabulous skin. This gentle creamy cleanser is enriched with moisturising mango-seed oil to clean and comfort your skin without drying it out, while skin calming cactus extract and skin boosting anti-oxidants from grapes and pomegranates give your face a fresh start."

Directions for use are similar to hot cloth cleansers in that you apply and rub in for a minute before removing with a flannel (I use a muslin cloth) dipped in hot water. I love cream cleansers, the texture, the softness of my skin after and the way you can dual cleanse and gently exfoliate...But whilst this doesn't claim to be a cream cleanser the way they suggest you use it, and the expectations I had of it's results having read the back of the packaging could easily lead to confusion....

After use I personally find that my face can feel quite dry and tight and there are still visible amounts of eye make up left on my face so this is definitely something you'd need to use an additional eye make up remover with.

I think that this would probably be more suited to an oilier skin type than my generally dry/normal combination skin and to someone who's not put off by sweet smelling skincare. I'm definitely still intending to try out the 5 minute face mask and dream cream but will be just be keeping this as a back up rather than everyday use. Have you tried any of the products from Good Things? What did you think?

Good Things is available from Boots and the cleanser is priced at £5.10.


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Discovering Beauty said...

I just finished using the cleanser and wasn’t that impressed by it either, the dream cream is lovely though as is the eye cream.

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