Friday, 21 January 2011

Help with statcounter?

Since I started blogging I've used statcounter to keep track of the number of page views and visits I have to my blog, it normally works fine but every so often something breaks and I have to replace the code... Only this time even that hasn't stopped statcounter from under-recording the page views I'm getting. Generally my blogger stats are just over half of what statcounter records and as my bloggers stats have overtaken my statcounter ones I know there's something wrong.

Anyone who can help me fix this or suggest another good website for recording stats would be sooo appreciated!

Thanks lovelies! :)



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm wondering if maybe the Exclude My Own Visits option in Blogger was working for you, but now isn't. If the gain in Blogger is small that might be it. The fact that Blogger used to be behind Statcounter for you makes me think this is the case, because it never worked for me and my Blogger numbers were always much larger. I probably visit my own page 25 times a day, while I tinker with things, and refresh to see if the changes worked.

Also, during your recent problem with Statcounter's code, could you have turned on self exclusion there? If I remember right, it's one click of a button to download a cookie to your browser.

Also, if you turned exclusion on in both recently, that might explain it, as the Blogger option doesn't seem to work for most people.

And if Blogger is gaining by a huge number each day, it may just be that their code is buggy. I've noticed that sometimes the date will be off by as much as two days, and once had a problem where the Now and Day buttons both showed the Now stats, and the All Time stats couldn't be seen because that buttoned showed the Quarterly stats.

Best of luck with this :)

Rachel said...


I'm not sure that's it, I visit my own blog a couple of times a day, if that (most of the time I leave my blogger dashboard open in a tab) and the amount of hits I'm getting is about half of what I expect on statcounter, and what I'd expect on blogger. I'm certain that the problem is with statcounter not blogger stats, as they're about the same as they normally are..

Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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