Sunday, 23 January 2011

Star blogs!

I thought I'd do a quick post on some of my favourite blogs.. I follow a lot of them so not all my favourites are going to get in here but here's a few...

Do Not Refreeze Leanne's nail art is amazing and I always look forward to a FOTD from her!

Lipglossiping was the first beauty blog I ever read, Charlotte's writing style is unique, I'll read posts about products I have no interest in and enjoy them!

Dottie K was another of the first blogs I read. Kim's reviewing style is fab, always very clear and again, another great one for nail art! 

Makeup Savvy, I only came across Fee's blog relatively recently but already it's one of my favourites, I LOVE a bargain and she really is the queen of them! 

Magic's in the Makeup is great for all things beauty, particularly skincare and lipsticks/foundations/blushers. A very cute blog!

Sailboat is a beautiful blog. I love Jennie's photographs and her favourites posts are amazing!

May Loves Makeup May's blog is a haven for all things pink and girlie! (It actually reminds me of that shop, Girl Heaven.. I don't know if it's still around any more, but it was just make up, glitter and pink things!) She has some fab giveaways too!

Vivianna's blog is full of lipstick! She does some great favourites videos too and I always enjoy watching them. 

Phew! I might make this a more regular thing of just a few blogs at a time, it might make it a little easier to read as well as saving everyone from link-death too! 

What are your favourite blogs? Feel free to link me up with posts/suggestions in my comments!


P.S- all pictures are clickable for their source.


Nicola said...

Rachel thank you so much - this has really cheered me up today :D xx

Leanne said...

Daww, thank you so much lovely :) xxx

Vivianna said...

Thanks for the mention hun! So sweet of you :) xx

Leshia said...

Have you used Super Smoocher website yourself yet Rach? Just wanted to know whether it was recommended and safe :)

Kim said...

Aww thank you xxx

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