Friday, 21 January 2011

Lip balm love.

I use such original blog post titles ;)

A while a go I was stuck for lipbalm inspiration and a lot of you came to my rescue! These are the ones I'm currently using:

Nivea pearly shine- perfect for adding a bit of extra shimmer to a lipstick or for toning down a bright colour, very pretty!

Palmer's cocoa butter formula lip balm- Not too slippy yet very moisturising which makes it my first choice for under lipstick.

Blistex relief cream- this is the one that I reach for when my lips are cracked and sore, it works well whatever but I like to use it overnight and within hours lips are soft and hydrated.

Blistex daily lip conditioner is one I use every night to maintain lip hydration, it smells lovely (as it contains cocoa)

Vaseline- I generally use this on top of a lipstick or for when I know I'm going outside to protect my lips.

Burt's bees lip shimmer- Rhubarb and Peony- perfect for days with less make up, colour and great moisturisation all in one!

L'Occitane shea butter lip balm- by far the most expensive of the bunch but smells beautiful and does a wonderful job for day-to-day moisturising!

Superdrug currently have 2 for £3 on Blistex products so it's the perfect time to get your hands on them!

What are you girls using on your lips at the moment?



gingerSnap said...

I'm using blistex, vaseline, bebe and sisley nutritive intensiv lip balm. These are my lip savers.

Leshia said...

Mine are Vaseline, Carmex, Palmers Cocoa, Burts Bee's, and Marks and Spencers lip butter.

I cannot live without lip balms as my lips get horribly dry.

G A B Y said...

I love the original Burt's Bees, but I would love to be able to try Palmer's cocoa butter formula lip balm!

Shea Butter said...

Nivea pearly shine - I love this lip balm and I do not go anywhere without it and feel naked when I don't wear it. I constantly have one in my bag or my pocket. I am a fan of Nivea products and came across this lip balm a good few years ago now. Since that day I have tried other lip balms but have always returned to my faithful Nivea Pearl and Shine.
It is in the form of a tube, like a lipstick which you twist and the lip balm comes out of the top. Its nice and small and does not involve sticking your fingers into a pot and getting all sticky. It is a lovely pink pearly colour, exactly the same colour as the packaging, and you are able to vary just how pink the colour comes out by the amount that you use. It glides on really well and makes your lips super soft and protected.

These cost around £2 depending on where you buy it from which I think is very good value. I use mine every day, I would guess at least 5 times, and a tube for me will last a good few months. I always make sure I have a new one ready for when it runs out as I really have never found anything that comes close to this product.

My ex boyfriend used to annoy me by hiding these from me, as it aggitated him so much the amount of times I put lip balm on. Once he threw it in a bush thinking I would leave it there, but no, I went in the bush to retrieve my Nivea Lip Balm. That is how much I love this product!! and possibly why he is an ex!!

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