Tuesday, 24 August 2010

17's wild curls mascara..

I picked this up the other day as I'm in need of a new mascara anyway and wanted to try a few different ones out.. Boots also currently have an offer on of 100 free Boots points when you buy it which is great!

Unfortunately I accidentally picked up Brown/Black which I wouldn't have chosen had I realised!

My usual mascara which I love is L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, which I reviewed here. I wasn't expecting Wild Curls to live up to this and I don't think it does, but it is pretty impressive given that it's £4 cheaper than the L'Oreal one. 

The packaging is great, it's nice to see something different and leopard print certainly does that! 

The brush is an ordinary one with bristles, it's quite straight and flat and the bristles aren't too long so you don't end up poking yourself in the eye with them. The mascara itself is quite wet, I imagine in a month or so it'll suit me better and be easier to apply. I have had a slight problem with this making my lashes clump together, which is quite unusual but I'm putting that down to how liquidy the mascara is (not that it is a liquid, it's just much more wet than the other couple of mascara's I've got- one of which is quite new too.)

Overall though the effect is very impressive..

One coat of Wild Curls on my right eye, and nothing on my left.

two coats.

As you can see it lifts lashes and adds volume but also lengthens them too! 

What are your favourite bargain mascaras?

Rachel xx

1 comment:

Laura said...

Looks good :-)
My favourite bargain mascaras are two Polish ones which I got for less than £2 each hehe

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