Friday, 20 August 2010

The Body Shop Body Butter!

So sorry for the lack of posts, I feel like a rubbish blogger ;) Aforementioned (oooh) excuses still stand! 

I recently tried a friends' Body shop body butter, it was the gorgeous almond one that has recently been discontinued (I can't believe I missed this! It was down to £3!) and it tempted me to try out one of their body butters. It only got better when I received a 2 for £15 on body butters and scrubs email, plus free delivery! 

Image credit: The Body Shop

I have really really dry skin, apparently it's something that comes along with my health issues, but it's flipping annoying to spend entire life moisturising to get my skin to resemble other people's non moisturised skin! I seem to spend my life buying the stuff and trying to find the perfect one. In general I like a nicely scented body moisturiser, for example, I love my skin so soft from Avon, but I'm not keen on their scent (non descript.. floral) on the other hand my FCUK body lotion (which was a gift, would never have thought to buy it myself) smells amazing, moisturises really well, but the scent is too strong and can make me sneeze! 

Anyway, TBS's Shea Butter body butter is near perfect, the scent is gorgeous but not too strong, and as it's a dry/very dry one it does a really, really good job of moisturising my poor dehydrated skin, especially when used straight after having a shower/bath. The down side to it being formulated for very dry skin is that it does leave an "I've used body butter" feel to your skin, but this doesn't bother me hugely, especially when I'm in bed/wearing long sleeves! The body butter itself is easy to use, not too thick, easy to smooth over your skin and generally a nice consistency, none of this block of rock hard uselessness! It leaves my skin soft and smooth for more than a day (practically unheard of!), it doesn't roll off, and I love it!

Yes, it's expensive, but with the current body shop offer it's well worth a look! 

Are you a body butter fan?

Rachel x


Kat O said...

I managed to nab a free mini version of this with a magazine a while back. Although it's very moisturising I find the smell a bit funky and like something a bit girlier!
Kat x

WelshBeautyBlog said...

I'm a massive body butter fan.
I have a drawer devoted to them!
I picked up a few almond ones for £3 and currently also have: coconut, coconut with shimmer, satsuma (LOVE this one) papaya, passionfruit, mango, strawberry, raspberry, pink grapefruit and just the ordinary shea butter one. Can you tell i'm hooked?!
x x x

Aim-eh said...

Heck yeah. My mom got a couple of the full-sized Christmas cranberry ones from '08 for 75% off. I've been slathering it on my feet nightly and still have a bunch left.

Shea butter smelled amazing, I'll agree. That's probably the only scent i'd go to again since i'm not too fond of fruity or floral scents.

Sophie said...

I got the coconut one free in a magazine while ago and it's absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it! I'm definitely a body butter fan!

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