Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Guest post from the lovely Lucy Lights!

I'm delighted to write a guest post for Rach, as we've known each other a while now and she's a really lovely girl. I hope I do Queen Of Turquoise justice!

 Now for my favourite thing: Lipstick. 

I first started getting into lipstick about a year ago. Before that I had been fooling myself that eyeshadow was my passion and I wore some truly hideous, badly blended monstrosities. In short, I gave up on glittery powder and turned to rich, creamy sticks of colour that can instantly lift and brighten a face with minimal effort. 

It took me months to perfect my lip routine and now I just about have it down pat. I am not saying mine is the technically correct way, it's just what works for me! I work very long days in a hot and steamy café followed by service in a busy restaurant. This routine helps keep my lipstick on my lips and not running down my neck and into some poor mans lasagne.

For me, the key is all in the preparation.

1. Scrub those lips. I use Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub quite liberally. Make sure you get into the corners of your mouth and the inner bottom lip, all those little nooks that lipstick likes to travel into.

2. Line your lips and fill in. You can use whatever you like for this really. A wax, a coloured liner or a stick concealer. I choose Benefit's It Stick and line my lips gently, then shade into the inner lip slightly. If you crave bigger lips, then simply bring your outer line slightly beyond your natural lips. Half on your lip-line and half off is a good formula to remember.

3. Add a light smearing of your chosen balm. I use Original Carmex as the thick formula is perfect for making a drying lipstick workable.

4. Blot, blot, blot, ever so gently. You don't want to yank all your base work off, just get rid of the greasy film that mixing liner and balm creates.

Now you're free to apply your favourite lippie! Just to prove how much the base helps, I've used three lipsticks of various prices and quality.

 MAC - £12.50
Barry M - £5.99
ELF - £3.50

The MAC doesn't need much help to begin with. It's creamy without being stodgy, the perfect formula and my personal favourite. 

The ELF is hard as a rock and drags but it glides when used over a good base.

The Barry M? It's a total bugger. A problem child. It shows every line, every flake, every little flaw when used straight with no base. Afterwards, it looks as innocent and perfect as the MAC.

And to really put my routine to the test.... a MUA £1 lipstick. 

The finished example looks no different to the MAC. Smooth and creamy, holds strong for hours. This is a typical face for me, strong lips with contouring eye and face make-up.

On a good day, I only have to touch-up twice between running around like a headless chicken making low-fat soya lattes with extra foam and cinnamon sprinkles.

If you give this a go and decide on strong lips for the day, do let me know how you get on!
:) xo

Thanks so much for such a great post Lucy! I'll be putting some more work into my lip bases from now on! :)

Lucy's blog- Lights can be found here, go and have a look! 



Leanne said...

Oh my god Lucy is such a stunner! Great post too, I'm much more into bold lips now (just slowly building up the courage to wear bold shades in public). This was really helpful - I know what a flaky bugger the Barry M ones can be so I'll be trying Lucy's method :) x

Rachel said...

She is indeed flippin gorgeous! I'm glad you found it a useful post, I know I did! :) xx

EilidhPie said...

Gave you a wee award on my page x

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

OMG you look divine!! You soooo suit this colour. I love this look xxx

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