Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Get a free recycled bag... It's actually a nice one!

Super Savvy Me are offering a free "bag for life", but not in the hideous supermarket style, this one actually looks like it might be usable! 

You can get it in 6 different colours (used to be 8 but 2 sold out now) including a turquoisey one, a bright green, a bottle green, blue, grey and red. 

I've chosen this "light green" and I'm hoping it won't be *quite* that bright ;) but we'll see! 

There are "only" 120,000 of these so you need to get entering details asap! 


Image credit: SuperSavvyMe


jaljen said...

Rachel, great tip. Thank you! I've asked for grey. Well done you!

Rachel said...

Glad you found it useful! :) xx

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