Monday, 17 May 2010

NOTD- second Konad :)

Very basic as I'm rather in love with my beautiful white tips on my wonderfully fake nails :)
I used MUA polish in shade 15 as when I'd chosen it as a nail colour I'd found it surprisingly thick, and it worked pretty well for Konad-ing..! Only slight problem was that as it's not as thick as Konad special polishes it did dry faster so getting placement right before it dried was tricky!
Update on the nails.. One fell off last night, but in all fairness I did hit it on the door- hard!- and they survived me using my chair, which I didn't expect! I was able to stick the same one back on, so they're doing really well as far as I'm concerned!

Hope it's been a good Monday with you!

Rachel xx


Louisa said...

I have to get konad...
This design is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Super pretty!


Pandez said...

Beautiful! What plate did you use? hxx

Rachel said...

It's plate M4 :) xx

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