Monday, 17 May 2010

Boots Original Beauty Formula- Cleansing Milk

I got this little lot as they're currently half price at Boots, I ordered them online last week as one of the things I wanted had already sold out and I didn't want to risk it! I chose the collect in store option so it didn't cost me any more :)

What Boots say: 

"Our Original Beauty Formula Cleansing Milk is a light and easy to use lotion, which sweeps away make up and impurities while it gently clarifies and refines, leaving you skin feeling pure, clean and pleasantly supple."
I thought the cleansing milk would be good for those nights where I really can't be bothered (I know!) to wash my face properly, just to get the makeup off (and to take my make up off before cleansing) and it feels better and more comfortable than face wipes. I really don't know where they got "milk" from... It's not milk, you have to shake the bottle to get anything out of it and though this isn't a problem while it's still full as I get further down the bottle I can see this becoming irritating! It feels really nice on my skin though and does a good job of getting foundation etc. off your face. I personally wouldn't recommend it for removing eye makeup, when I woke up this morning my eyes both had puffy eyelids and I imagine it was this that did that, plus it doesn't get it off that easily.

It smells lovely, not overpoweringly, (can't imagine it being irritating) of Geranium apparently..! Delicate, fresh, thumbs up!

I'd almost certainly repurchase this, the packaging is gorgeous, it's cheap, normally retailing at £3.89 and on offer at just £1.94 for 150ml!

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