Sunday, 16 May 2010

New Clothes! New Clothes!

Ok... So not that exciting, as the top I really liked on Dorothy Perkins' website was sooo not good in real life :( Please excuse the stock images... They look better than my pictures would have done!

Anyway, my latest clothes purchases... 

Dress, from the Uttam London range at Dorothy Perkins... £10 in the sale! BARGAIN! 

Here it is... 

Image credit: Dorothy Perkins

I took the (in my opinion) stupid bow off the front, cos it's not really my sort of thing.. I'd have looked like some sort of clown ;) 

Another bargain... Dress from ebay (new!) £7, unfortunately the first one had a hole in the front, so I'm waiting for a new one now.

Image credit: Ebay

Tunic vest top from Dorothy Perkins, £12... This hasn't actually got here yet, but I can see it being a very useful top- "dressed up" with belt, and bangles, or at home with a cardigan and long necklace.

Image credit: Dorothy Perkins

Peacocks top, £12
Image credit: Peacocks

My only niggle with this top is the fact it's not thin floaty material in 100% polyester.. It's thick material in polyester. It would have been much nicer in a jersey fabric!

Voila! :)

Rachel xx

1 comment:

Stevie Georgina said...

I love the dorothy perkins dress!
I think you did the right thing by taking the bow off the front of it :) I love the pattern and the colours on it! xx

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