Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nailene So Real Light-As-Air false nails

I first read about these on Jo's blog Beautylicious Love after she got sent a few different sets of nails from Nailene. I've never had much success with false nails, my hands are small (and I mean really small, I can wear children's gloves!) and therefore my nails are pretty tiny too, so finding false nails that look reasonably natural and fit comfortably is no easy task!

Nailene say:

" Light as air nails are the most natural looking perfect fitting nails. Contours to your own nail bed so it doesn't even feel like you're wearing nails. With an acrylic strong tip!"

These are just perfect! My own nails had been a lovely length that I was happy with up until a few days when they all decided to break! They're not particularly strong and they don't get to a decent length that often before breaking off.

I took some before pictures for you...

See the split? On the thumbnail? The lowest split I've ever had, and I was not willing to let it come off at that length, ow! I'm hoping the false nails will mean it stays put at least for a while.

And after sticking my fingers together... Twice! (I feel that they look a little more natural in real life than in this picture, but it gives you an idea!)

Totally worth the pain of ripping my skin apart!

After having them on for about half an hour or so I stopped noticing them as much (I got changed just after I'd done them, trying not to ping any of them off!) and they don't feel like they're going to come off very easily which is great, typing with them is really easy and they just feel nice and solid and totally comfortable on my nails, unlike others I've tried which almost feel like they're pulling your nails from your nail bed...!

I got these on ebay for just under £3.99 plus 99p postage from The Little Gift Company and I'm hoping I'll get another set out of the 24 in the pack if I'm lucky!

Great value for really fab nails!

Rach xx


Pandez said...

I'm very tempted to get these now, but I'm incredibly clumsy and I'm bound break at least one off. I'll definitely look into these for special occasions! hxx

Rachel said...

I did think of you when I posted this! I'm looking forward to seeing how long they last now! xx

Pandez said...

Heh heh, my splits have nearly grown out now, but I had to cut them sooooooo short again! One more week should do it =[ At least I'm not going anywhere special for anyone to see my horrible nails right now *grumbles at revision*

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