Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fake tan Fiasco's!

I'm pale. Very pale. Blue/red blotchy pale, not the nice smooth pale. Therefore fake tanners, or anything that promises to make my skin a little bit less blinding in the sun is a good thing!

I must have been about 13 when Johnson's holiday skin came out and I bought it within a week of it's release, I remember sitting in the park of our local town applying it, and being incredibly frustrated when the the "gradual" colour didn't develop immediately. Unfortunately when it did Johnson's holiday skin turned out to be a little too orange in colour for my skin tone... And to be honest I'm not hugely keen on gradual tanners, it's hard to tell where you've been, and I'm yet to successfully achieve an all over even look with one of them.

Saying that, this is the collection of fake tan items I collected last year in the few months surrounding summer:

Avon's Skin so soft spray was quite successful... but the spray leaks and it's awkward, plus it takes time to get it to a decent level of tan... The lotion STINKS, and I'm not willing to smell that chemically all day!

Dove I found useless, no colour from that, or if any, it was patchy..

L'Oreal was ok, but sparkly... And if I got at all warm in the night off it came on my sheets, nice brown circles! Same for the Nivea one, that gave the best colour, but it came off in the night annoyingly, despite exfoliating. These were the two that I used mostly through the summer, if all else fails invest in dark sheets for the summer!

Enter the highly rated by many bloggers...

St Moriz! At first glance this looks to be quite promising, the mousse is quite a deep brown, with quite a thin texture, it reminds me of bath bubbles. You can easily see where you're applying it, and the only problem I've had so far (first application) is that it dries a little too fast, making it a bit difficult to blend... Useful for getting dressed though! I'm waiting for a tanning mitt to arrive which I think will probably make a difference to blending it (I ruined my last one by applying fake tan after applying Palmer's cocoa butter 2 hours before, it rolled off all over the mitt and now it's greasy and the moisturiser is rolling off back onto me! A warning to you all! Haha!)

Will do some before and after pictures and a proper review when I have more of an idea of how it works!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Rachel xx

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