Thursday, 13 May 2010

New foundation... Choices choices!

Much as I love my Everyday minerals foundation, I'm in need of something that I'm able to use when my skin is dry and misbehaving. As I've not been able to look after my skin over the last few days it's really dry and just generally in bad condition, trying to put powder foundation on top of it currently would not make for a flawless face! There are other times like this, or just when I want a bit of a change that having a non-powder foundation would be most useful.

There are sooo many choices though! Before my mineral foundation I used Maybelline dream matte mousse for quite a while, as I'd found a shade that matched my skin and to be honest just couldn't face the crazy foundation shopping! It was only when I switched to E.M that I realised how little time Maybelline had lasted for and how it dried out my skin, and the coverage was rubbish etc!

So far I'm thinking I'll probably go for..

Bourjois Healthy Mix or L'Oreal Matte Morphose. Shade permitting, as I'm really pale with pink undertones and so many foundations are just too brown, or yellow-y for me!

I've heard good things about both of these, but would be really great to hear opinions about either of these from you lot, or suggestions for others!

Thinking about foundations, does anyone remember their first?! Mine was a Miss Sporty one!

Rachel xx


Louisa said...

Mine was an Avon clearskin one. Didn't suit my skincolour in the slightest, but I still thought I looked the bees knees! haha

May said...

I really can't remember my first foundation, it was probably Rimmel. I used to have a 17 powder in a silver compact that I wore before I started using foundation that I remember vividly though!


Anne-Louise said...

Bourjois Healthy Mix is awesome!!!!!

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