Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What's arrived... And first impressions!

I got my cheapy brushes on Monday...

So far I think that that 6 of these are usable, even if not for their original purpose! The angled liner brush is not... OUCH OUCH! Or maybe it's meant to be an eyebrow brush... In that way maybe it is usable.

The best of them are the two eyeshadow brushes, really soft, quite stiff, and good sizes. I'm thinking there's a lip liner brush, and a lip brush- second and third from the left- though I'm open to suggestions! I think the 3rd one in could make a good liner when using shadows wet but we'll see!

Blusher brush not great, feels really soft on my hand, but on my face I'm not overly keen. Then again I've got Boots No.7 brushes that have got to have been much more than these which aren't any better- face and blusher brushes. Oh, and yet another flippin' lash brush, I already have two of these and I only use them for mascara disasters!

On first impressions for just £4.18 I don't think you can really go wrong, even if you only get 2 good eyeshadow brushes out of it!

I also got some rather unusual polish (tell you more in another post) and this rather gorgeous dress (the brown one)

Rachel xx

Edited to add... I also got free false eyelashes with the brushes, in a cute box. I have to admit I've never used false eyelashes before- mine are quite long anyway so have never been bothered!- but may give these a try...


Nikki said...

I REALLY want a Sigma brush set! I wanted some MAC brushes but figure the Sigma is better value.. But I still need to save up (for the brushes and the customs charges that they'll stick on!!).

Oh, I also need a decent eye liner brush, I have a benefit one but its far to thick and not very defined at all! If you find a decent one lemme know please?

That dress is very pretty too, it'll look lovely on you!!


Rachel said...

I'm really bad at buying cheapy stuff, not liking it, buying more cheapy stuff... by the end I'd probably have been better off going for the more expensive option straight off. I've got my eye on some other brushes which are slightly more expensive and travel sized- I don't like long handled brushes- see how they turn out at some point.

Will let you know if I find a decent eyeliner brush! Do you have the get bent benefit one? Thanks lovely :) xx

Nikki said...

I know what you mean about buying cheapy stuff, Im terrible with foundations on that score! Ive bought so many cheapy ones but they dont seem to work with my skin, which is a shame (and costly!).. Im trying my best to stop buying them and just save! Infact Ive just bought the Nars Sheer Glow and a Clinique one! I know, Im naughty! BUT, I will be selling a few on Ebay so Im hoping it balances out! lol

Yeah, I do have the get bent one. I dont really have a proper eyeliner brush to compare it too, so it could be alright! lol But as it is I find it far too fat and.. I dunno, just wrong! Its not stiff enough for me!! I read Laura (Lollipop26) found the Star Nails nail art brush really good for a fine line, but I picture that to be too hard and painful!??


Sue said...

Love the way the background to your photos complement your blog background! So pretty x

Rachel said...

@ Nikki, it's so much better when you think you're getting a bargain at the time ;) The get bent one is hard to get a fine line with, might have a look at the nail art brush, it's got to be *quite* flexible to work for nail art surely? x

Thanks Sue, it's my duvet cover! I have a love for all things shabby-chic style! x

Pandez said...

hey hun, maybe the angled liner brush is a taklon (sp?) one for gel liners? Got a bargain there though, and the case summery =] hxx

Rachel said...

Good thinking lovely, I did try it with a gel liner though and I won't be putting it near my eyes again! I played around with the eyeshadow and lip brushes- that I'm using for eyes! Don't need anymore lip brushes!- today and am well impressed! xx

Louisa said...

Those falsies look gorgeous!
Thanks for the review on the brushes, I go for cheap stuff too and end up thinking after I should have bought the more expensive option! haha

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