Tuesday, 27 April 2010

NOTD- Barbie nails!

Ok, so they're not really Barbie nails...

The bottom pink is just a Matalan polish that I've had for aaages, but the formula's fine after all this time, took 4 coats to reach opacity but it went on so easily it didn't bother me.

Top glitter coat is an M&S one, which again I've had for a pretty long time, and that went on fine too. I did two coats for maximum glitter and now I feel like a 3 year old... In a good way ;)

Talking of being 3, did anyone have that tinkerbell pink peel off nail varnish? Amaazing!

I've had this combination on since Sunday, today's Tuesday and I've a little bit of tip wear, but that's to be expected given the amount of typing and general abusing my nails I do! No chips though which I'm really impressed with, my nails really do go through a lot!

Some of the things I've been waiting for have arrived, so expect posts on those soon!

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Lily nail said...

nice color !!
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