Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Superdrug MUA range!

It got here today! Yay! Just a quick post and I'll do some photos of them and a bit more of an in depth review tomorrow maybe as I'm off to see Peter Kay in Manchester tonight! :D It's a 2 hour journey though so I'll be leaving soon!

I'm really pleased with the colours of the nail polishes, the glitter eyeliner- shade 2- is very glittery.. and has stayed put on my hand very well since I swatched it earlier... I'm a little worried it has the look of a small child having accessed the glitter but it may just need some careful layering under something else.

The lip gloss has a really nice smell to it, not overly sticky and a nice colour, looks almost clear on my lips, but just adds a teeny hint of colour- shade 3- Lipstick- shade 6- hasn't fared well on my hand so can't imagine it doing well on my lips! 

The eyeshadow I love having just stuck my finger in it, smooth, seems well pigmented, I just got a boring colour- a peachy skin toned one for highlight, shade 16.

I can't judge the blusher at all yet, I got shade 1.

Further pictures to come and FOTD too :)

Rachel xx


Katy Wilko said...

I really excited to try the eyeshadows after what I've read about them! I also hope the lipsticks are good too :) xx

Louisa said...

I cant wait to try the MUA eyeshadows. I'm a bit dissapointed that they have no names though :(

kia said...

i've tried the blusher in shade 1 and i think it's fine! I like their pressed powders too xx

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