Saturday, 24 April 2010


I don't actually have a post lined up for you today, I've been a bit disorganised... and the ash cloud really messed up my plans! I thought I'd tell you what lovely things I'm waiting for in the post now, some of which I've mentioned before, others I haven't.

Cheapy cheap brushes from ebay, which are coming from Hong Kong. I've no idea what the quality of these is going to be like but I had an ebay plus points voucher so they were practically free (if you forget about the money I spent over the past 3 months to get the voucher in the first place... ;))

NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils in cottage cheese (I really dislike this name!) and gold. Plus a NYX single eye shadow in Sahara (which I'm hoping will make a good highlight colour, though the one I ordered from superdrug since I'm also hoping will be a good highlight colour.. oops). I got these from shopcraze and including shipping it cost me just over £10. If you buy a jumbo pencil from ebay it's going to cost you at least £6 for one!

Fyrinnae sample order... 5 loose eyeshadow samples, a sample size pixy epoxy, a couple of brushes- eyeliner and eyeshadow- and a lip lustre.

The all natural face I stumbled across on Etsy, and she now has her own site ( surprisingly(!) all her products are natural, no rubbishy stuff in them. Everything's vegan also- I'm not even vegetarian, but I'd rather have synthetic brushes- I've got 9 eyeshadow samples coming from there, plus 2 gel eyeliners which were less than £2 each once converted from USD, bargain! She's also hugely generous with samples in my experience!

Less excitingly... Nail polish remover pens! from Hong Kong.

Asos, a pretty dress and a polish, oh, and Carmex!

I imagine everything will get here all at once, even though I cleverly ordered them with time in between so I got them all at different times!

What are you waiting for in the post?


Louisa said...

I usually have something comming, but I dont at the moment :( Nothing to look forward too.
Im sure that youwould have, but can you do a review on your ebay brushes? I've been eyeing some up for a while but never plucked up the courage to buy some.

Rachel said...

Will do lovely :) x

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