Friday, 23 April 2010

Superdrug MUA line review... Coming soon!

Unfortunately none of my local Superdrug stores are going to be stocking this, so I've gone ahead and made an order online on their crappy website instead. I've got: a blusher, a matte eyeshadow, a glitter eyeliner, a lipgloss, a lipstick and 3 polishes! I was also waiting to see what anyone thought of the polishes and they seem to be at least half decent so I'm going for it (I know they're only £1, but without knowing I didn't want to buy a few and for them to be useless!)

Hopefully they'll be here at the beginning of next week, but I've never ordered from their site before so I don't know how fast they usually are to deliver!

I hope you're not all too sick of posts about it by then! ;)

Rachel x


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the review!

I've nominated you for the sweet blogger award on my blog :)


Beautyfiend said...

I'm looking forward to when this range comes out too :) I'd love it if you could review one of the polishes, I have about 4 bottles of nail varnish at the moment so I really want to buy some new ones so the cheaper the better, but at the same time I don't want to buy ones that'll just peel off straight away!

Rachel said...

@ discombobulated- I'm looking forward to trying everything out! x

@ Beautyfiend, I'll hopefully review everything and new polishes will be NOTD's if they're not so bad that you can't even get them on! x

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