Saturday, 24 April 2010


People tend to either love it or hate it... I'm in the love it camp.

I'm not overly keen on the shop, the overpowering smell makes it hard to tell what the lighter scented products smell of and tends to put people off. Neither am I keen on the £3.95 postage charge for buying online.

However I think that lush products make excellent presents and are nice for adding that extra something to a bath or shower.

My favourite products include:

King of Skin- in the body butters range- leaves me with smooooth smooooth skin that lasts for at least a couple of days. It's not cheap (£6.80) but it lasts for ages. Especially if you don't leave it on the side of the bath where your brother then lets the hot shower water dissolve a significant part of it! Also, if you replaced your usual body moisturiser with this then it'd probably come out at about the same price.

Buffy-again, in the body butters range- is a really scrubby exfoliator, I've only ever bought the smaller one (5.00 for 90g, or £9.00 for 200g) and again this lasts a decent amount of time, and it moisturises at the same time. My only problem with this is the bits it leaves in the bath!

The Olive Branch is a shower gel (3 sizes, £3.90 for 100g, £7.75 for 250g, £13.95 for 500g) I use it with a buff puff/shower net and the smallest bottle has lasted me months so far- and I don't smell bad thankyou!- but you only need a teeny bit as it lathers up if you use it with a shower net. The smell is gorgeous, and lingers on your skin, a smoky slightly sweet scent (I think they say mandarins?) I cannot get enough of it!
angels on bare skin (AOBS, £5.50 for 100g, enough to last you around 6 months, maybe more) I really really like this, my only problem with it is the shelf life, at most it's 6 months, and sometimes you get one that's a little less than that. This is a really good daily face wash that exfoliates gently too, it leaves my skin beautifully soft and it smells lovely.

Dark Angels (£5.50 for 100g) I don't have dark or oily skin and this is still a great exfoliator, the problem again is the shelf life. If you're only using it once or twice a week then you've still got quite a bit left by the time 6 months comes round. I like it mixed with AOBS for a more scrubby face wash but slightly less harsh than this on it's own. You can also use this as a face mask if you add less water to the paste and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

The Comforter (£3.95 for 200g, I can get between 4 and 6 baths out of this as still get plenty of bubbles) is a sweetly scented bubble bar that turns the water pink. The bubbles are long lasting and it makes an ordinary bath really exciting!

If you'd like a more full review of the skincare things on here then please leave a comment :)

What are your favourite Lush products? x

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