Friday, 16 April 2010

Boots Botanics skin calming cream with SPF15...

What Boots say:
This easily absorbed cream helps to reduce skin reactivity, leaving skin looking healthy and radiant. Even delicate, sensitive skin is comforted. 
Used day and night this blend of moisturisers and shea butter help improve your skins protective barrier. 
Marshmallow: Rich in natural sugars which help to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin.

I'm actually really liking this. It's quite thick and really not ideal for morning use as it makes me wonderfully shiny for a good while after and isn't a good base for makeup (it does that annoying thing of kind of flaking off your face if you apply anything on top of it- like primer) which is a little frustrating as the SPF 15 is not a whole lot of use when it's dark! 

The jar is gorgeous, frosted glass, and it feels nice and chunky in my hands and despite being glass I wouldn't be afraid of taking this with me in a make up bag if I was going away. The lid is metal and fits well onto the jar- no problems with having to jiggle it about and rotate it to make it fit on, which I find SO irritating- and gives a lovely overall finish to the look.

I really love the skin calming side to this, I quite often end up with a sore face if I've just taken my make up off with a face wipe as my skin can be slightly on the sensitive side. This is so wonderfully soothing and does a really good job of moisturising my skin well and totally getting rid of any dullness to it. 

Any smell isn't immediately apparent, but once you've put it on you can tell that it's there, it's not strong, which is just as well really as to be honest I don't think it smells particularly great but you're not aware of it for long and the positives far outweigh niggles like this in my opinion.

Overall I think this really is a night-time moisturiser, unless you've got half an hour and the inclination to let it sink in before you put your make up on in the mornings, which personally I haven't!

Available at Boots for £5.99 this is something I may well repurchase! 

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Louisa said...

Thanks for the review on this. I nearly bought this the other day but my boyfriend was annoying me so much in boots that I just picked up what I needed and went! lol.
I'l probably pick this up when I've finished my night cream at the moment. I was going to purchase it in the hope of a day cream.
Love your blog :)

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