Sunday, 11 April 2010

Boots Botanics Eye make up remover- all skin types

I was somehow convinced that this was going to be really lovely, I like the packaging, it smells of nothing- therefore nothing not to like!- and the consistency seemed great, nothing gloopy to get in your eyes or leave them stinging.

Oh so wrong. The consistency seems fine when I first put it onto cotton wool, and when I put it to my eye and pressed and wiggled my fingers too. It was when I took it off swiping gently as I went that I discovered a horrible feeling of it being sticky and greasy. The kind of sticky that makes you want to grab at the nearest thing just to get it OFF MY FACE! As well as that my eyes were verging on being stinging, but not quite at full on ouch level.

What boots say:

"Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and forumlated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally.   

To keep the delicate skin around the eye in good condition you need to remove make up gently but thoroughly. This cleanser effortlessly removes eye make up- even waterproof mascara- while also comforting and soothing the eye area.

Iceland Moss: Used for centuries for its soothing benefits. The high sugar content of the moss can help hydrate and calm skin."

It did remove every last trace of my makeup admirably, and it didn't leave the skin around my eyes sore as removing eye make up sometimes does, but whether this makes up for the horrible feeling of it on my skin, and on my eyelids no less- probably one of the worst places to feel sticky!- I don't know..

I'd definitely not buy this again, but because I do so hate to waste things a quick swipe with a fresh cotton pad and the remaining oil slick is nearly gone bar a slight residue, but at the cost of my eye area feeling a little sore. It cost just £2.99 and with the current boots 3 for 2 skin care promotion (that ends on the 13th April) it was actually free, which makes a little less annoying!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up, cant stand weird things on my face! have you tried garnier fresh essentials grape water eye makeup remover? its really good! i find it can remove everything without any stinging (which is lucky because i poured it straight into my eye the other day!) and its just like water in consistency! but along with this i bought their complete cleansing milk which i cant stand!! it doesnt remove any of my makeup and just leaves me with a greasy face :/ xxxx

Rachel said...

I haven't tried the garnier one no, I was going to go for the Amie one, but by the time I decided it was out of stock! Will definitely keep that one in mind, thanks for the recommendation! xx

Anne-Louise said...

You know, I think this is the one I have, and I actually really like it! I use it to take off my eye make up, which is waterproof, then I take my face make up off with a face wipe (and take the yucky oily residue away from the eye make up remover) xx

Rachel said...

Interesting! I think I am getting a little more used to it, I'm just not used to having to get rid of the thing I used to get rid of the eye make up :P xx

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