Monday, 12 April 2010

Everyday minerals foundation...

I discovered Everyday minerals maybe a year or so ago, on the MoneysavingExpert forums as E.M were doing 5 (1g! That's pretty big, enough to last you at least a week of solid use, probably more, there are still some sample pots I've not got to the end of!) sample pots for free, with just $3.50 shipping. I got mint correction concealer, Fair medium matte base, a blush, intensive fair concealer, and one other that I don't remember... 

A few months ago (yes, it took me that long to decide!) I started using the matte base everyday as my main foundation and bought the full size- 5.5g- for something like $10 (about £6.50) it comes with a sifter, though only half of it has holes, which means you don't get a huge overload of it, and it also has a plastic cover that flips round over the sifter bit so that it doesn't all escape into the top of you chuck it in your bag for the day, genius!

I've got a scary before and after picture for you....

This is me before... Having just washed my face (L'Oreal perfect wash) toned and moisturised- both Botanics, and having got toner in my eyes- I know.  I'm still in my jamas and everything, though I did vaguely do my hair for you ;) Note the weird red cheeks, I do not know what has happened to them overnight, they're red and bumpy, I have a feeling it has something to do with me using a half dry cheap face wipe to take my make up off last night.... Sorry face!

I then used ELF's mineral primer, and due to the fabulous red cheeks I used some of my mint correction concealer which worked wonders. Then a mix- in the top of my base jar- of intensive fair concealer, and Fair medium- as the base on it's own is a little dark for me if I'm not careful so it's much easier to apply with a bit of the concealer in too and it gives me better coverage, quicker. A couple of sprays of The Body Shop's Vitamin E face mist to get rid of any powdery bits, over my whole face, and let it dry :)

After picture(s)

I really am wearing a whole top, not a half a top as it would appear...! I use a mini Kabuki brush- I really must get a normal size one!- to buff it onto my face, and it really is pretty decent coverage that lasts well (Notice that my freckles have just about disappeared in this picture, compared to the before one, and freckles are annoyingly difficult to cover with liquid foundation in my opinion) In fairness today's foundation is probably a little bit heavier than normal because of the covering of the red cheeks, normally you can see some of my freckles coming through (yesterday's pictures show that) so the coverage is impressively flexible.

Everyday Minerals are currently doing 5 1g sample pots for $5 plus shipping of something like $3-$4, or if you make an order of any value you get $5 of samples of your choice for free! Just remember that the limit for commercial purchases before customs charges kick in is £18 including P&P. Go go go!

Now wish me luck, I'm off for my first driving lesson in nearly a year in just over an hour *eeeek* 

Rachel xx

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Louisa said...

I hope you had a good driving lesson!
I'l look into everyday minerals once my bareminerals has given up the ghost :)

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