Sunday, 1 May 2011

Soap and Glory's Girligo!

While Boots had their big huge 3 for 2 skincare event I was unable to resist getting a couple of bits from Soap and Glory. One of them was Clean Girls! which I love and which also lasts FOREVER and the other was Girligo, a wonderfully scented moisturising spray, perfect for spritzing on after a shower.

First off, my only niggle with this... I cannot hold the bottle and spray it with one hand, it's too big/unbalanced and it's just too difficult to do both without it falling with a thud to the ground, I have to spray it into my hands and then apply it to my arms/legs/wherever I'm moisturising which annoys me a little.

This is so perfect for summer, the light moisturising action is only going to be any good if you either have no issues with dry skin/ you're using it in the summer as a supplement to moisturiser. It'd be great for travelling as the beautiful girlie scent lingers as well, so it's multi-tasking!

As ever the packaging is gorgeous and despite being a teeny bit on the expensive side (£6.38 for 250ml in Boots) for a light moisturiser, it's a price I'm happy to pay for a multi-tasking, pretty product.

Are you a fan of moisturising sprays?



Jess said...

Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of this, I felt like it didn't do anything and the scent didn't even last on my skin, even though it was a gorgeous scent. Glad you like it though! :)


Jennifer said...

if i were in the UK i'd cave for anything S&G too LOL! sounds like a lovely spray :)

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