Monday, 11 April 2011


because no-one likes a picture-less post!
I've been a really awful blogger the past couple of weeks and I really do apologise! What with getting my jewellery business up and running and then getting busy and then having problems with misbehaving health things are just piling up on top of me and I'm trying to climb to the top to get posting again!

Posts I'm planning...

Poppy King for No7 lipstick review
Soap and Glory Girligo spray
March Favourites (so late I may have to rename it..)
Some skincare bits and pieces
Miscellaneous ELF products

Stay tuned for more!



jaljen said...

Too right. No picture? No (good) post. But what's IN your pic? Sorry to hear about your health and I hope your enterprise is successful and enjoyable.

I'm tuned.

Christina Marie said...

Hope the health issues aren't too serious and you're feeling better x

Rachel said...

JalJen- Macaroons!

Thanks both :) x

Rae // theNotice said...

Lovely pic! :) Hope everything is alright with you in terms of health issues x

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