Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Questions about templates?

I've been playing around with my template and background etc. and I'm having trouble with a few things...

I can't seem to make my header and my blog title central, which is really irritating, I'm assuming it's because it's not wide enough but I don't know! Is there anything I can do?

Also, the blue gradient at the top is unwanted and I can't find a way of changing that, again, any help would be really great.  Aha! Sorted this now!

Thanks lovelies!



Leanne said...

Hey lovely.

I'm not sure about how to make the text central, but here's a suggestion - if you email me the image you're using for the header, I can add 'Queen of Turquoise, Beauty Cosmetics and Inane Ramblings' to it for you if you want, then when you upload it to Blogger you can select 'instead of header and title' or whatever.

Let me know :)

Oh and I don't know what you mean about blue gradient, I can't see one?


Rachel said...

Ahh thanks Leanne, that would be fab if you don't mind?

The gradient I managed to get rid of by changing the colour scheme luckily!

I'll send you the header, thanks lovely :)


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