Sunday, 21 November 2010

Weekend update!

Wow! I was shocked to discover my reader numbers skyrocket yesterday and again today (thank you link love...!) and I'm stupidly feeling a bit shy about writing this ;)

Anyway, hellooo to all my lovely new followers and readers, always wonderful to have more of you!

I've been busy busy this past week, and I've started making handbag charms and earrings which I'm loving. I hope to get making some more this week and then possibly pop some up on the blog for sale if they're something anyone would be interested in buying for little pressies or similar for Christmas, let me know, and if you wanted custom colours or similar then drop me an email and I'll see what I can do for you :)

Please excuse rubbish-y photos, it's dark outside so it's difficult!

I've also been organising a series of Christmas giveaways for you all! At the moment I have 7 prizes which I'm planning to give away over 14 days from the 12th to the 24th of December... So keep watching for that! They're mainly little bits but I've had some gorgeous donations from very generous Etsy-ers (what else can I call them?!) and I'm very excited about it!

I also still owe you a blog on an Accessorize Eyeshadow duo, plus new ELF bits, a couple of OOTD's and some other posts.... I'm way behind!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!



Emily said...

*waves* hello!Im a new follower :D How exciting - 7 giveaways!!Lucky us :) x

MakeYuUp said...

The keychain is so cute, and now that you mention Christmas, it would actually be an amazing gift.. you should do a blog sale! :)

Jen4 said...

Those charms and earrings are so cute hun :) And I shall be looking forward to the Christmassy giveaways!! xx

Louisa said...

I'd love to buy one of those bag charms! A perfect gift! x

Rachel said...

Thanks guys, handbag charms/key rings will be coming up over the next few days then!

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