Monday, 22 November 2010

NOTD: girlie style!

Looking a bit like a small child's got their hands on my nails in the picture, however (I think!) they look better in real life. I share these things with you whatever though you see, disasters and all ;)

Also pretty hard to photograh in decent colour..! 

Base- Rose Libertine
Dots- ELF white
Hearts- Rimmel's Lasting Finish Double Decker Red!

Got any tips for drawing freehand on nails? Let me know!

Rach x


gingerSnap said...

Rachel this is very cute. I like the design. Did you use a pen in drawing the heartshape? I am using toothpick when i like to copy something. Most of the time i use konad plate. Visit my blog if you have time. I hope you like it as well. Btw, followed you already:).

Rachel said...

gingerSnap- thanks :) I just used some nail art brushes from ebay for this, and a dotting tool :) x

SiSi said...

wow, you freehand really nicely! I'm so horrible at even painting my own nails, that I just leave them :s

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