Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

I had high hopes for this lovely looking orange oil, the box claims it will "plump, smooth and rebalance the look and feel of your skin with this aromatic, intensive night-time concentrate...". Great! With all the central heating and cold weather my skin needs all the help it can get! 

It's a light oil format, which sinks into the skin relatively quickly and it doesn't leave your skin too greasy which is always good.

It's definitely aromatic.. it smells like nothing I've ever experience before and unfortunately it is so SO strong that I just can't stand it. Even taking the lid off the bottle creates a rather large.. cloud(?) of fragrance! Now I'm not averse to fragrance in facial products but this takes it to the extreme! 

The first time I used it I just about got through it because I was convinced I'd wake up with perfectly smooth skin, and I was disappointed to wake up to skin that only felt mildly, if at all, better than the night before. Maybe it was because I used too little (one pump, and one to two is the recommended amount but honestly, I just couldn't bear to put any more of it on my face!) but I can't say that I experienced a huge amount of benefit from it. Yes my skin was a little softer but not enough to warrant using this when you take the price and the smell into consideration.

I tried to use it a second time but I had to wash it off as it made me feel sick. The smell's not particularly unpleasant, it's not that that's the problem, it's the strength of it, and it is a bizarrely scented product.. The bottle says it contains organic rosehip oil, Argan oil, Neroli oil and natural vitamin E, so presumably one or more of those that makes it smell like it does. 

Now I have to say that I do seem to be in the minority here as other reviews rave about the smell and the product gets 5 star reviews on QVC, but I just can't see how! 

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate is available from the Liz Earle website priced at £37 for the 28ml bottle.

What's your view on strongly scented facial products? Can't stand them, or do they add to the experience for you?


Disclaimer: PR sample sent for review.


Katy said...

Shame you didn't like it! I love it! I got a little sample of it with one of my orders and I've been cherishing it ever since and hoping it doesn't run out soon. I use it before going to bed and put a little bit under my eyes and around my nose to help me sleep and it works wonders :) xx

Rachel said...

Wow, normally I can see that everyone's different and we all like different things, but with this I just can't imagine liking the smell!

I'm glad you like it though :)


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