Tuesday, 7 September 2010

ELF new polish releases..

Hidden amongst some gorgeous autumnal shades- some lovely deep reds, one with sparkle, and a beautiful looking purple, lots of perfect for christmas shades!- that have just been released by ELF is a matte top coat.. 

Something that they've managed to keep very quiet! At £1.50 it's well worth a try although I've no idea how long  it'll stay chip free and matte for...

The Facebook group is currently at 64,700 likes and with an offer of a free studio eye primer (normally with orders over £10) at 65,000 it may be worth waiting!

Oxford Jasmine has swatches here

If you get it, it'd be great if you could let me know what you think! 



Abbey said...

I love this palette! I think you would be able to create so many looks with it!


sweetest_potato said...

I've had this on top of OPI's Russian Navy for a few days now. Only one little chip on my right index finger (I'm right handed) so far! I love love love it, and for £1.50 it's such a bargin!

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