Saturday, 7 August 2010

Soap and Glory's Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser!

"It cleans, it smooths, it melts away makeup!"

Image credit: Soap and Glory

I cannot get over how gorgeous the packaging is for this, it's so pretty! 

Soap and Glory had 1/3 off some of their skincare products a month or so ago (they currently have 3 for 2 on "Indulgent bathing") so this cost me around £6 instead of the usual £9. There's 100ml of product and I'm predicting it'll last me around 3 months so it's good value. It also comes with a free muslin cloth, which has PINK stitching all around the outside which makes a nice change from the usual green. 

Soap & Glory claim this is a 3 in 1 concentrated "Deep Purifying Formula" with.. Panthenol, sweet almond, orange and lavender oils.. And yet despite all this I'm not overly keen on the smell.

It does an impressive job though! Bearing in mind that the last cleanser I used before this was the one and only Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I think this isn't that far away from being up there with that as one of my favourites. I'm not keen on the texture though, when you first get the cream out of the tube it feels a little plasticky, which isn't something I'd choose in a cleanser! 

Anyway, once you've got a bit out of the tube Soap & Glory say you should... "Divide it between the pads of your fingers and then massage onto your face and neck for at least sixty seconds. (Concentrate most on your nose, chin, or other clog prone spots.) Leave on for another minute... Then press it all off with a warm, wet muslin cloth."

I wack it all on, rub it into my eye area (considering my eyes are pretty sensitive I can get all my eye make up off using just this, without any stinging or anything!), nose etc. and then I brush my teeth whilst it's on, I can't stand hanging around waiting for things, and this way it doesn't take any time at all really! The muslin cloth step at the end makes all the difference as it helps to gently exfoliate the skin to give the super smooth feeling that you get after using this!

If you can't bring yourself to pay the slightly more expensive Liz Earle price (plus postage!) or you're just hugely taken with the packaging! Then this is definitely worth a go :)

Rachel xx

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WelshBeautyBlog said...

Great review...I'm always put off the soap and glory face products by the thing everybody else loves - the packaging!
I associate serious skincare with brands like dermalogica, liz earle, alpha-h etc - all with very plain, boring even clinical looking packaging.
I worry that the S&G is too gimmicky and will break me out (no logic behind this, just my irrational thinking!) but you may have just convinced me to give this a go!

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