Sunday, 4 July 2010


Please excuse the whiteness of my general appearance, particularly my vampire legs ;) I was between fake tan "cycles" (you know the one I mean..where you've done the mega exfoliate to get rid of any build up and haven't got round to putting it on again.. Oh, that's just me that's lazy about that..)

I bought this dress just last week from New Look for the amazing price of...... £10. I couldn't believe it! Frustrating really, I was only looking as I was being good, but I couldn't exactly put it back at that price could I?! 

I just love everything about it.. The feel of it, the fit, the style, I think it's about as flattering as any item of clothing gets! I actually want to live in it. 

Do you have a particular live-in-it dress?! Was it £10 from New look? ;)

Rach xx


DARUHA said...


Pretty :):)

greetings from Poland :*

heartshapedbruise. said...

That dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you :)

Is is pink or red? It's hard to tell.. Not that it matters, just being nosy!

Rachel said...

Thank you! New Look call it Tutti Frutti on their webiste, but it's actually a pinky coral I think :) x

jaljen said...

Very cute. Looking a little bit night-dressy without accessories. What about a narrow belt under the bust? Silver. How d'you plan to rock it?

Can't do dresses. I am BIG on top and about 2 sizes smaller about the hips. Dresses don't work on me.

Rachel said...

Ah, I'd been wearing it with leggings earlier, also been worn with necklace and bangles with tights, not plain like this :) I'm lucky to only have the one size difference between top and bottom, though that varies by shop!

I do need to find myself a cute narrow belt, off to primark tomorrow so will have a look then! xx

EilidhPie said...

Gorgeous bargain! I'm not really a dressy person, but I recently bough a wee black skirt which I think I may end up living in... :P x

Abbey said...

I love this dress, I have been looking for a live-in-it dress for a long time but none seem to suit me! But I will keep looking! :)

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