Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bzzagent review.. New Nair Pretty Naturals- Refreshing Efffect- Smoothing Blue Algae.

I don't know if any of you have heard of Bzzagent? It's basically a company that invite people to trial products once they've made it onto the market and create "Bzz" about them, through word of mouth. That doesn't need to be wholly positive, just an honest opinion about the product. You're asked to always disclose that you're a Bzzagent and you're never compensated for sharing "Bzz". I did receive this product for free. I think that's it really, the site's here if you'd like to have a look! 

I received this in the post a few weeks ago, and have only just been able to try it out as I had horrible bites that I had an allergic reaction to and wanted to wait for all that to settle down before putting something on my legs that could potentially irritate them! 

This is the Refreshing Effect formula, Nair say: "Energise your senses with this revitalising hair removal gel containing trace elements and smoothing blue algae..." 

I always associate hair removal cream with that hideous smell that they leave lingering afterwards, even the ones that claim they smell of something else, they always smell horrible. This one's no exception, however, I do think that they have successfully reduced the smell that it leaves in the room afterwards, it's not as strong as the last Nair one that I tried- interestingly also a Pretty Naturals one, but the original "naturally smooth" version, which is meant to smell of raspberry's.. Needless to say it did not! 

The tube contains 150ml of product and I'd say I used maybe a third of it covering just the lower half of my legs- up to and on my knees- as it needs to be a thick covering. I reckon that doing all of both of my legs would have used around three quarters of this, and when the tube costs £4.99 I'm not too impressed personally!

It did do a better job than how I remember it though, I applied the gel, left it on for 7 minutes (I find 5 minutes is never enough, and so when I remove a bit to test it I'm then left with a bit that's not been hair removed..!) and then wiped it off with a wet face cloth and rinsed under the shower. 

I was left with silky smooth legs without the work that shaving requires- finding somewhere to hold my leg up on, dropping the shaving foam can cos it's all covered in shaving foam... managing to cut myself under my knee (seriously, nearly EVERY time!)- and I'm hoping it'll last a little bit longer than shaving does, though I'm not expecting more than 48 hours of smoothness maximum to be honest, but at least then it shouldn't be all spiky and such when it does come through as Nair claim it's the literal cutting off of the hair during shaving that creates that.

Overall, probably not something that I'd buy myself unless there was a generous offer on it, but certainly better than previous experiences.

I imagine as this is a new launch there'll be offers on over the coming months so worth looking out for! 

Do you use hair removal creams? Which ones and why?

Rach xx


May said...

I really like Nair and I LOVE Veet, I know not everyone gets on with hair removal creams but I love them! So quick and easy! xxx

Rachel said...

I think it's something that I might go back to, I'm unsure of it and the smell and general *I can't do anything cos my legs are covered in stinky cream* puts me off! x

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