Sunday, 11 July 2010

ELF order!

This was a small order, I couldn't resist, ELF's facebook page was jammed full of new product pictures and frenzied weirdos ;) 

I think the only brand new product I got was their new lilac nail polish, but here's what I got! (Oh, and please excuse the awful pictures, my phone was dying, and I wanted to get the pictures before I had to send it away which meant taking them in really bad lighting.. So much editing needed = fuzzy pics!)

Image credit: ELF

The colour is definitely more "real" in my picture, it's not as vibrant as the swatch, which I think I like, it's a slightly dirty lilac which is more my taste! Can't really go wrong for £1.50, NOTD with this to come! 

Again, this picture is a much better representation of the colour than the online swatch, a common issue with ELF... 

This is one of their cream shadow duos and ELF claim that it's long wearing and "crease resistant"... An interesting way to describe an eyeshadow that has creased and slipped within 3 hours of applying ;) it wasn't as if it was even exposed to the heat! I was inside all day as when it's really hot I just feel like crap if I'm outside for very long at all, so it really had no excuse! As ever I had GOSH's primer underneath it, which works perfectly with my powder shadows.. I may have to invest in the powder version of Butter Pecan to wear over the cream one and see if that makes it any better. In all fairness, this is a £1.50 eyeshadow, it was just a little disappointing as I know that ELF can do better!

I know! Something that appeared on my wishlist has actually been bought! ;)

I love this brush! It's really soft, and not just on your hand, then turns out to be scratchy on your face, it's properly soft, yet stiff enough to be used for some hardcore mineral powder buffing which is great. It's really great quality, and a huge bargain at £3.50! It's really great for days when I want better/more flawless coverage, even though it takes longer to apply than with my kabuki.

Unfortunately I had to buy the obligatory ELF face primer for £6 which meant I couldn't afford to buy anything else this early on in the month! Maybe later ;)

Have you had any great ELF buys or disasters recently?

Rach xx

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EmmaDazzle said...


I always forget about ELF! Thank you for this post, I am going to do a quick online shop right now! Hehe

Emma x.x.x

P.S Enter my giveaway if you havent already x

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