Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Treaclemoon, Those Lemonade Days review

The first thing I have to say about Treaclemoon is that they don't test on animals, which I love!
Secondly, their prices are pretty amazing. I paid £2.97 for this body scrub and as I got it from Tesco with mum's online order I paid no postage ;)

What Treaclemoon say:

"We like to create products that you will love to use... scrumptious smells, fabulous textures and a 'look' that will sit with pride in your bathroom....."

The packaging is really lovely, it's simple yet it doesn't look like you've paid under £3 for it, so they'd make ideal gifts!

When I bought this I was expecting far more of an artificial sweet lemon-y smell, which is the complete opposite of what you get, to me it smells pretty natural, not overly sweet, but yet not so sharp it reminds you of bathroom cleaner! Texture wise it's a teeny bit on the jelly side and not too thick, which makes it ideal as a body scrub, it's quite cooling too.

My main problem is this... I feel the beads are a little harsh. The scrubby beads in this are hard and feel like plastic, so they don't dissolve like a lot of them do to avoid over scrubbing your skin, something that I feel it's quite easy to do with this! The other problem with that is they stick in the bath so you have to spend time making sure they're all rinsed out.

Overall though, for the price these are a pretty good buy! Treaclemoon also do other products such as bath and body wash and hand washes, all for £2.97!

Have you tried anything from the Treaclemoon range? Would you buy again?

Rach xx


Louisa said...

I have eyed these up several times whilst in Tescos but never picked them up yet. I'l have to have a go with this, I like really scratchy body scrubs :)

Anonymous said...

It is just me, or is this range almost identicle to the Pink Cow range in Boots? Kust a pound more expensive?

Leshia said...

I have this and it's not a total favourite, I wish the actual scrub would wash a little more as it didn't leave my skin happily washed like Soap and Glory scrub does.

But, it is still quite a good little scrubber with a lovely smell!

Rachel said...

@ Louisa, glad you're a fan of scrubby body washes! I like to use them every once in a while.. xx

@ Sylves, I've not seen/investigated the Pink Cow range, but will do now! I did see a range that looked pretty similar in Sainsbury's today, but all £5 instead of £3! xx

@ Leshia, I think it's the thinner consistency of it maybe? The smell is amazing! xx

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