Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle

So I guess you could class me as impatient... Or fickle... Or both ;) 

I've only had Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails a couple of weeks and I decided that although it was doing something for my nails when it was on them as soon as I took it off my nails reverted back to near their usual fragile state. They do seem to be a little better though. 

Anyway, this one promises both strength and growth.. Oooh! And immediate results (30% longer nails in 5 days with daily application) happy Rachel! It really does smell incredibly strongly but I can deal with that. I've only applied it once so far underneath my nail polish and a couple of days later I can genuinely see the growth as it's left a bigger gap between where my polish is and my cuticles. It may only be like a millimetre or so, but I'm hopeful that this will continue! Hello long nails for the first time ever. Will be updating as I continue to use this! 

I got this from Amazon for the bargain price of £5.75 (including p&p) as opposed to Boots' price of £8.95! 

Rachel xx


Anonymous said...

I want to get that, im growing my nials at the moment and they're weak because of years of biting!

Caz said...

I might have to try this - my nails are in a bit of a state at the minute lol

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